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We’re Changing Our Name!

We will soon become Attune Healthcare Partners. Please stay tuned for our new look and a new website.

Harold Nesland Joins CareSync

Harold Nesland, Jr. MBA, RA has joind CareSync as a partner. Harold has over 35 years of programming, planning, design, and project management experience in a variety of markets with approximately 85 percent of his work focused on healthcare planning and design.

Who We Are

CareSync Consulting was formed to serve the healthcare community in making integrated care a reality. We are a team of experienced and successful healthcare consultants. Each of us brings extensive professional experience that can help you succeed in the new health reform environment. Together, we have the experience needed to assist providers, hospitals, specialists, and payers, who are working to transform their practice or organization into a more integrated care system, whether that is an Accountable Care Organization, a Care Coordination Organization, a Medical Home, or a Clinical Integration Network.

Why Choose Us?

We serve as a catalyst for your transformation. We provide expertise and mentoring for your team. We deliver the knowledge and skills you need to implement and sustain your new vision and grow your organization. We embrace collaboration as a way of doing business. We work closely with other experts you trust to assemble the transformation team that fits your unique needs. We are your strategic advisors, financial experts, transformation coaches, and fundamental change implementers who will help you navigate the evolving health care industry.
What We Do

We help our clients evaluate their options, decide on their best strategy, define their new vision, and develop plans for their transformation journey. We work with our clients to build the infrastructure needed to make their vision a success. This includes assembling the right team, finding the right resources, creating new processes and procedures, and implementing sustainable revenue streams using the available financial and human resources and making full use of existing and new state and federal payment and incentive programs.

Transformation Services

Patient Centered Primary Care Home (Medical Home) Development

CareSync Readiness Assessment® tools measure primary care and behavioral health providers’ cultural, technical, and clinical capacity to embrace patient-centered primary care home practice. Using these tools, we help design a transformation process that is customized to the client. We advocate the use of pilot teams and rapid change cycle testing. We incorporate formal tracking and analysis of quality improvements and costs. We help clients coordinate and integrate information technology across care settings. We suggest ways to improve outcomes through collaborative teams, including an approach to team care that maximizes the use of team members with a variety of skills and levels of training. This approach minimizes costs and disruption to provider operations, avoids costly changes to IT systems and provides the personnel and technology infrastructure needed for sustained improvement.

Strategic Planning, Business Planning & Operational Assessment

Legislative changes and economic pressures are forcing healthcare organizations to rethink their business strategy. Many are considering joint ventures, mergers, or buyouts. Strategic and business planning are core strengths of CareSync. We help organizations re-evaluate their mission, vision, and future goals. For joint ventures or mergers, we help determine capital requirements, recommend governance and organizational structures, propose equitable distribution formulas, and design integrated data management plans. Our business and organizational analysis and proposed solutions can significantly shorten the negotiation and agreement process. During the planning stage, we perform operational assessments of current business practices, clinical workflows, and work processes. These operational assessments identify opportunities for improved performance, efficiency, and productivity. We produce an actionable roadmap for these changes and assist with implementation.

Integration into Systems of Care/ACO Development

Primary care providers are implementing medical home concepts within their own practices. Equally important is care coordination across the health care system – with specialists, hospitals, and other care settings. We work with providers throughout the healthcare system to propose and test care coordination initiatives that will build trust across care teams, deliver quality improvements, and produce immediate cost savings. We help setup pilot projects focused on achieving quick results. During these pilots, we help build processes and infrastructure to support long-term change through continual process improvement and cost reduction.

Tools and Expertise to Accelerate Transformation

CareSync can assist organizations to accelerate transformation in several ways. We help develop effective provider incentives to implement and sustain behavior change. We have been successful writing grants and obtaining funding to support transformation projects. We have in-depth knowledge and experience working with rural providers. Our approach accommodates their needs during transformation and clinical integration. We have a unique on-line training system that significantly accelerates the implementation of changes needed for medical home and care integration. We have Lean Process on-line training modules with specific examples from healthcare providers and facilities. These on-line training resources not only speed transformation, but reduce implementation costs.